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'E Komo Mai... Welcome to
the Ulupalakua Ranch Store & Grill


When you come on up to visit us at Ulupalakua, you'll find it's not just about the drive - though the road winding through green pastureland with jaw-dropping views down the island is pretty incredible. It's not just about the ambiance - though the hush of 150-year-old trees spreading overhead is a story waiting to be whispered. It's not even just about the wine - though strolling the winery grounds and tasting the sweet pineapple wine is a downright pleasant diversion.

Will Munder
Chef Will Munder

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These days, it's about the food.

"We're becoming a food destination," says Will Munder, Executive Chef of Ulupalakua Ranch Store & Grill. "Before, it was 'There's the winery,' or 'It's a nice drive,' but now people are coming here from the West Side just to have lunch. They love our food!" the slow-roasted Maui Cattle Co. beef brisket with housemade BBQ sauce and olive-oil-and-parsley smashed potatoes...or the Upcountry Caesar salad with Waipoli romaine, organic radiccio, housemade Caesar dressing, garlic croutons and grana padano cheese...or Chef Will's personal favorite: the juicy Ulupalakua lamb burger with Swiss cheese, Waipoli lettuce, sweet Kula onions and ripe tomato...

Mosey up to the counter, and you'll still find all the classic Ranch favorites, but the good stuff just got better. Now everything is made from scratch and as local as we can get it. The Ulupalakua lamb, beef and famous elk are part of our commitment to serve only meat from the Ranch or from Maui.

We're also working hard to realize another goal: to serve only Maui-grown produce. Thanks to Upcountry's abundance (and Chef Will's own microfarm in Kula), the bustling Grill gets crates of fresh local lettuce, onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, pineapple, herbs and more, every morning.

The open-air grill is fired up at 10 a.m., and hungry paniolo stride on in the swinging wooden doors alongside regulars and first-time visitors, ready for lunch. Sit at a picnic table in the shade of the towering trees, and you might slip back 150 years to when the ancestors of these ranch hands also took a break in the shade with a cold drink and a plate of Maui beef.

Elk Burger
Our famous Elk Burger

Reminders of those times are everywhere inside the Ulupalakua Store, from the sepia-toned photos on the walls to the cowboy hats on the shelves. The Store is a happy place of simple things, good things. Red bandanas. Silver belt buckles. Jars of 'olelo berry jam. Music by Maui musicians. Art by Maui artists.

And of course, really, really good food.

Our motto here at Ulupalakua Ranch is: "Happy People." Plain and simple. It's easy to be one of those people here. But if you need inspiration, just have a seat on a weathered wooden bench on the lanai next to one of those grinning scalawags (created by historic sculptor Reems Mitchell), and see if you can keep from smiling back.




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