grass-fed, pasture raised


Ulupalakua is a region on the island of Maui that is known for its cooler temperatures, higher elevation, and lush, green vegetation. The conditions in Upcountry Maui are ideal for raising cattle, and the area is home to several thousand head. Ulupalakua Ranch encompasses an area that extends from the mountains to the ocean (Mauka to Makai) and our cattle enjoy an idyllic live on these panoramic slopes.

Hawaii raised cattle are a unique type of cattle that have adapted to the climate, forages, and terrain of the Hawaiian Islands. They are descendants of the cattle brought to the islands in the late 18th century by British explorer Captain George Vancouver, as a gift to King Kamehameha I.

Over time, these cattle have been naturally selected to allow them to thrive in the Hawaiian environment, including strong feet and legs to carry them over steep and rocky countryside and a moderate body size to allow them to grow efficiently on our warm season grasses. At Ulupalakua Ranch, we are continuously working to produce an animal that flourishes in our natural environment with minimal need for outside inputs, such as medications or purchased feed.

We utilize planned rotational grazing to maximize the health and vitality of both our livestock and our land. By rotating the pastures our cattle graze, we limit their impact to a certain area, then allow the pastures to rest and recover. This preserves ground cover, increases soil health and biological activity, and ensures our cattle have access to fresh forage on a regular basis. Strategic grazing is a land management tool that helps us to increase soil fertility, manage brush growth for wildfire mitigation, and protect our hydrologic cycle.

Healthy soils produce healthy cattle and healthy beef! Our cattle are not treated with antibiotics, steroids, or added growth hormones. We market our cattle locally through Maui Cattle Company, which supplies grass finished beef to the Hawaiian Islands. We are proud to feature Maui Cattle Company beef in our Ulupalakua Ranch Store burgers!


Our ranch is also a suitable place for raising sheep, as the conditions in the region are ideal for their needs. Sheep are able to adapt to a variety of environments, but they thrive in cooler temperatures and lush, green vegetation, both of which are found in Upcountry Maui.

The cooler temperatures in Upcountry Maui can benefit sheep in a few ways. Like cattle, the upcountry weather can help to reduce heat stress, which can be a problem for sheep in warmer climates. It can also help to reduce the risk of heat exhaustion and other heat-related health issues. Additionally, cooler temperatures can result in better-quality wool, as the sheep are less likely to be stressed and are able to maintain their body condition more easily.

Sheep also have a unique ability to graze on steep slopes and rugged terrain, which is common in Upcountry Maui. This makes them well-suited to the terrain, as they can graze in areas that might be difficult for other livestock to access.

Overall, Upcountry Maui provides an excellent environment for raising sheep, with plenty of nutritious vegetation, cooler temperatures, and terrain that is well-suited to their grazing habits.


Our Rocky Mountain elk herd is unique to the Hawaiian Islands. They were imported in the 1980’s to diversify the products offered by the ranch and currently live in a 300-acre pasture that is high-fenced according to State of Hawaii requirements. Like our other livestock, the elk are rotationally grazed and raised without the use of antibiotics, steroids, and added growth hormones. They live a peaceful idyllic life with the absolute best view up on the stunning vistas of Ulupalakua. We market our elk through the elk burgers in our Ulupalakua Ranch Store deli.